What Drives Us
Cape York Partnership Overview
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Pama Futures
  • A comprehensive reform agenda for Cape York
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Jimi Bostock: In Memoriam
September 24, 2018
Nigel Scullion invites groups to submit proposals to regain control of land
August 5, 2018
Noel Pearson says constitutional voice a ‘real chance’
August 5, 2018
Australia needs a new deal: fairness and economic growth
August 4, 2018

An Indigenous policy reform and leadership organisation dedicated to empowering Cape York Indigenous people.

cogs of change

How we are changing the game.

Cape York Partnership is the engine room for innovative policy and programs designed to end passive welfare and empower Cape York Indigenous people and families to improve their own lives. Each cog plays an important role in our reform agenda.

Game Changers - our vehicles for radical change and transformation in Cape York Indigenous communities.