A Beautiful Garden Getting Even Better

A Beautiful Garden Getting Even Better

Pride of Place is helping Maureen Karyuka to add even more plants to her garden.

During May, Aurukun Garden Club members learnt easy propagation techniques so they can grow their own plants at home.

‘I like growing plants. Since I started putting more plants in my yard other people are saying that it looks really good!’

Despite already having a well-established, beautiful garden—winning Aurukun’s Best Garden in the Village Awards last year—Maureen is dedicated to keeping it up.

‘It’s great that I’m making my garden look good but I still have a long way to go. I think in the future my garden will look really good.’

A key objective of POP is for families to regularly care for and maintain their gardens.

Maureen’s story clearly shows how we are making progress towards this goal.

Pride of Place is an Opportunity Product designed to build families’ pride in their homes. This pride—and the responsibility to care for the home that comes with it—are the first step in a family’s journey towards home ownership.


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