A Healthy Team is a Happy Team

Some of our employees have grown up in circumstances of disadvantage and, as a result, experience barriers to successful employment.

Barna Services prvides a comprehensive support system to help all staff to thrive and realise their personal and professional potential. The Support and Wellbeing Programme (SWP) is led by the SWP team.

All staff members who participate are offered individual case management in the areas of health, wellbeing, housing, financial management, legal issues, family relationships, employment issues, career development, education and training. When issues are identified, participants are offered access to external multidisciplinary service providers.

In addition, group education sessions are offered on a weekly basis which include training on communication skills and cross-cultural awareness workshops. In addition, we are continuing to up-skill our internal mentors by partnering with the Cape York Leaders Program.

This partnership has been instrumental in providing leadership and mentoring training to select members of our staff. These mentors provide workplace support to new staff as part of a Workplace Buddy Programme.


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