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Cape York Partnership is a non-profit organisation that works to empower Indigenous families and communities to strive for lives of value, freedom and prosperity.
Currently, we have 10 entities working on the ground with the people of Cape York and Cairns to break the cycle of disadvantage.
This work includes creating pathways to all forms of education, meaningful employment, leadership opportunities, cultural preservation and healthcare.
We also lead important policy reforms on a local and national level to turn ideas into actions.


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Pama Future Agenda for all to follow

Why it Matters

Since colonisation, the people of Cape York have endured discrimination and displacement as well as a social and welfare policy approach that has often failed Indigenous Australians.

Our region has unacceptably high unemployment, a spiralling health crisis, a lack of educational opportunities, damaging welfare dependency and ancestral languages on the brink of disappearing.

We want to ensure that Indigenous rights and responsibility exist in balance. If individuals and communities are empowered to take responsibility for their lives, opportunities will open up and self-reliance will flourish.

What we are Doing

We partner with governments, corporates, philanthropists and – most importantly – the people of Cape York to create a hand up, not a hand out.

From policy design to real-world implementation, we have built successful businesses, employment initiatives, financial coaching services, a language centre, health clinic, fresh food delivery service, respected schools and much more – all from the ground up. 

These have had a real, measurable impact on the ground for the individuals, families and communities of Cape York as they strive for lives of value, freedom and prosperity.

By shifting the focus to Indigenous-led initiatives, our people have become the agents of change.

But there is still much to be done.

Our Agenda

We work towards the Pama Futures Agenda, a single cohesive reform agenda that was developed for the people of Cape York, by the people of Cape York.

Our Entities

Policy, education, employment, health, culture – our work may be diverse, but all entities work towards the common goal of empowering the people of Cape York.

Our People

Our experienced Executive Leaders and Board Members oversee all aspects of our partnership and are ultimately accountable to the people of Cape York.


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