Cape York Indigenous People

The heroic agents of change are the Indigenous people of Cape York. We walk in the footsteps of our forefathers who fought for our land and human rights. We remember our children torn from their mothers’ breasts; we remember the mothers whose children were ripped from them. We pay respects to all those who lost their lives defending their families, homes and communities as they were swept off their lands. We pay homage to all those who have bravely dared to embark on a journey of change.

Five years ago, the people and leaders of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge put up their hands to walk with us in welfare reform; our partnership with them is helping to restore social harmony in communities, create economic prosperity, and give our children a future. Our work will be realised when Cape York people have the capabilities to choose a life they have reason to value.

It is our core belief that the Indigenous people of Cape York are the key agents of change in the move from passive welfare to self-reliance and economic freedom. Cape York Partnership and its people are on the journey to support empowerment through policy reform, advocacy, Indigenous authority and engagement in a real economy.

Cape York Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of seven members, including Noel Pearson as Chairman.

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The executive leadership team oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day management of Cape York Partnership.

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Cape York Partnership and our people support empowerment of the Indigenous people of Cape York, the key agents of change.

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