Our People


O-Hub team:  


  • Audrey Deemal, Manager Opportunity Product
  • Alicia Nas, MPower Team Leader
  • Claudine Wiesner, Parenting Team Leader
  • Melissa Henderson, Data and Report Analyst
  • Rosemary Marshall, MPower SET Coordinator
  • Sha-Lane Gibson, Project Support Officer (MPower)


  • Renee Gavin, Opportunity Hub Leader
  • Debra Cox, MPower Coach Consultant
  • Paula Huntly, MPower Coach Consultant
  • Lloyd Galbraith, MPower Coach Consultant
  • Olga George, MPower Junior Consultant
  • Jennifer Brown, Child and Family Practitioner
  • Roxanne Yunkaporta, Parenting/Home Pride Consultant
  • Anna Kerindun, Administration Support
  • Shaun Yunkaporta, Cleaner/Yard Maintenance
  • Paul Peinkinna, Cleaner/Yard Maintenance

Hope Vale

  • Amanda Fyfe Opportunity Hub Leader
  • Zeila Wallace, MPower Coach Consultant
  • Libby Morgan, MPower Coach Consultant
  • Khandra Stafford, Mpower Coach Consultant
  • Mary Kerr MPower, Junior Consultant
  • Joanne Bowen, Parenting/Home Pride Consultant
  • Karen Gordon, Parenting/Home Pride Consultant
  • Selina Bowen, Positive Parenting Consultant
  • Jo Reid, Positive Parenting Consultant
  • Leanne Finlay Cleaner/Yard Maintenance


  • Lenore Casey, Opportunity Hub Leader – Coen
  • Terence Creek, MPower Junior Consultant
  • Tracy Zaro, MPower Coach Consultant – Coen
  • Carol Fyfe, Positive Parenting Consultant – Coen

Mossman Gorge

  • Roberta Henning, MPower Coach Consultant – Mossman
  • Robyn Bellafquih, Positive Parenting Consultant – Mossman
  • Letanya Kerr, Cleaner/Yard Maintenance – Mossman