Community Compliments

Anthony Yunkaporta will have his Pride of Place project completed in time for Christmas celebrations.

“I signed up for Pride of Place this year and it has helped my family in a big way because they’re learning about gardening and the kids want to help when I’m pushing the wheelbarrow, which is good exercise,” Anthony said.

“I had seen it from other people and it’s not a bad idea because you only have to put a bit of money in,” Anthony said.

“Everyone should have Pride of Place if they want a good garden.  It’s also something to do after work, instead of sitting around.”

Although the garden is still a work in progress, Anthony said he enjoys the paved area the most. “It’s a place where you can relax and have your own time. It’s my relaxation square.”

A lot of people in the community have also responded positively to the garden. “People are asking where I got this stuff and I say, ‘Pride of Place’. They say to me, ‘I’m going to sign up next year’.”

Anthony has ambitious plans for his backyard. “In the future I would like to build a waterslide, swimming pool and fountains in my garden… Pride of Place is just a start.”


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