Joyleen Keppel and Clifford Pootchemunka have always enjoyed fishing.

“We go out fishing with our family.” Cliff would row the boat, which took a lot of time and effort.

Through MPower, Cliff and Joyleen were able to budget sufficiently and saved $200 each fortnight for five months.

“Every fortnight we put money aside. Then we would go into the Opportunity Hub together to check the balance, and transfer the amount into our I-Save account.”

With their savings, Cliff and Joyleen purchased an outboard motor for their boat.

They are now able to travel up the Archer and Watson Rivers, and cut pandanus for weaving and for Cliff to make spears.

Having experienced the success of their saving, Joyleen and Cliff are saving again, this time to buy a new car.

“We saved money because we have MPower.”