Seizing Opportunities

Seizing Opportunities

Outstanding Barna Services employee, Ashley Pearson, was featured in the April/ May issue of Master Builder Magazine.

Ashley started working at Barna Services in 2014. “I started in the garden maintenance division and transferred over to the building and construction team so I could become a qualified carpenter. I’m truly grateful for that opportunity.”

In the article, Ashley explained that he found the transition into the construction industry challenging, but thrived with the support of the Barna team: ” … over time, with the support of my colleagues on both a personal and professional level I gained more confidence, and now I enjoy work a lot more.”

Ashley went on to state, “Your workmates become your family during those [difficult] times, and the guys I work with make that easy, so I feel comfortable.”

Ashley was a finalist for the Construction Skilling Queensland Awards twice (2015 and 2016) and is going from strength to strength at Barna; we look forward to watching him continue to learn and grow with us.


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