Getting Online

Getting Online

Clive Kooka has been working with CYP’s money management programs for many years, first with Financial Income Management (FIM) and now as an MPower member.

FIM was helpful in showing Clive the basics but MPower is guiding him on the way to being an independent money manager.

With training and support from his MPower Coach, Reggie Jackson, Clive learnt how to manage his own budget and pay all his bills on time.

‘CYP helped me to learn how to use the computer. Now I do internet banking myself.’

Clive goes to the Opportunity Hub every fortnight to pay his bills. ‘I like paying them on time and don’t use direct debits because I don’t want to go into overdraft.’

With MPower, Clive and his family save for all their family needs.

They have completed their Pride of Place garden and made multiple Wise Buys purchases, including a fridge, washing machine and freezer.

Clive’s recent purchase, his laptop, has brought the internet into his family home.

Now Clive is planning and budgeting for his Internet usage.

‘I’m thinking of getting a $79 monthly plan because the wireless dongle means I don’t have enough control over how much credit my family is using.’

Through MPower, Clive is learning to manage his money and make smart financial choices.


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