Butterflies Galore

Butterflies Galore

After seeing the benefits to others in her community, Trixie Kerr signed up to Pride of Place.

“I had seen the Pride of Place Enabler helping other people with their backyards.”

“My son lent me the $1,000 to start and we got into it straight away – me, my son and my youngest daughter. My children helped me do the yard. We put plants in – a lemon tree, a mandarin tree and some plants along the wall and veranda.

It was Roberta’s [the Opportunity Hub Leader] idea to do that because we have a lot of visitors and this gives us better privacy.”

Trixie also installed a pergola and her yard now attracts Ulysses butterflies by the dozen.

“I like it, it’s made a big difference. The pergola is paved and it has a proper roof so the barbeque area doesn’t get wet. In the barbeque area I’ve also got two tables and a box I’m going to put more plants in.

My husband is going to put some shelves around to sit pots on.” “A lot of people have been talking about our project. I never thought I’d get this far, and there’s still more we want to do.”


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