Jaidyn earned the title of Age Champion at his school Columba inter-house sports day placing 1st in Javelin, 1st in Discus, 1st in Shotput, 1st in Long Jump, 3rd in High Jump, 1st for 200m, 2nd for 100m & 2nd for 800m. Jaidyn went on to represent Columba at the Interschool Athletics day where he placed 1st in Shotput, Long Jump, Javelin, 3rd 200m 2nd in High Jump. Jaidyn has now qualified for North Queensland trials in Athletics for these events and may have the opportunity to represent Townsville at Queensland’s State Athletic Championships.

Jaidyn’s sporting clubs encourage performance in academics by ensuring students are attending school and achieving good grades in order to play. We commend Jaidyn for recognising that commitment to his education is key to his success in all areas.