Troyson Bassani of Yarrabah originally joined CYLP as an Academic Secondary Leader in 2007.

He graduated Year 12 at Marist College Ashgrove in 2008 before going on to study a double degree in Arts and Business at James Cook University. Troyson remained with CYLP as an Academic Tertiary Leader until he successfully graduated from University in 2015.

He has now moved on to the next phase of the Program, enrolling as an Excelling Leader in 2016.

Nowadays, Troyson is working for Cape York Partnership in dual roles as a Strategic Designer and Communications Strategist. He is also part of the Northern Pride Intrust Super Cup Squad, for which he recently made his debut in a tough game against the North Queensland Cowboys (under 20s team).

Troyson has shown great persistence and commitment to make it into the top level of Rugby League—a fantastic achievement.

Troyson encourages other Academic Leaders to understand the importance of further studies and employment, as well as the need to work hard.

He also recognises the role that CYLP played in supporting him throughout his educational and employment journey, saying: “The Program has turned me into a better person through various initiatives done during the school holidays, and also getting me up to scratch in terms of my literacy and numeracy levels by providing me with top-level tutors. The program also reduced the financial burdens associated with school and university fees from my parents.”

The support Troyson received from CYLP staff was also important to him. “The CYLP staff really supported me through school and university.”

When we asked Troyson what advice he would give other young Cape York people, he replied: “University is actually a really fun part of your life so enjoy it. I always reflect on the good times I had at university, even when times were tough and I was under the pump with assessment items. Make as many friends as possible across many disciplines, because beyond university, those networks can become very valuable.