Caring for her Large Family

Caring for her Large Family

With a large family, Seppi Bassani’s budget wasn’t stretching far enough to meet the needs of her family.

Seppi has made small changes to her budget, resulting in huge savings for her and her family.

‘MPower teaches you how to save so you have more money. My budget really does work—now I have more money!’

Whilst working on Seppi’s budget, our MPower Coach noticed that her food costs were very high.

Together Seppi and the MPower Coach compared the price of items at the local store against those online. Seppi quickly realised that she could easily save her family a lot of money by shopping online using Wise Buys ‘I joined Wise Buys so that I could shop online for cheaper food, clothes and toys.

This especially helps when you have a big family.’

Now Seppi buys food and toys from Coles online, meat packages from Byrnes Meats in Cairns, and cakes for birthdays and special events from Plaza Cakes.

By spending wisely, Seppi is now getting much more bang for her buck. ‘Lots of things are so much cheaper online. I also buy more in bulk.’

One objective of Wise Buys is to increase consumer awareness and purchasing knowledge.

Seppi’s story illustrates how Wise Buys promotes price comparisons across multiple retail sources to help families make more cost effective purchasing decisions.


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