Cape York Leaders Program

From patient to professional

How regular trips to the hospital for sports injuries led to Chuva May planning her ...
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CYLP 2024 Camp: Adventure and Aspiration

The dining hall of Currumundi Recreation Camp was full of loud chatter and laughter as ...
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Just the medicine

How Kaleesha's drive to challenge herself is preparing her for a career in pharmacy.  23-year-old ...
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Cape York Leaders Program Next Steps Conference 2023

Cape York Leaders Program marked the end of 2023 with their annual Next Steps Conference ...
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From Home to Healthcare: How Charanti’s Roots Shaped Her Purpose

In the heart of Yarrabah, Charanti Andrews discovered a burning passion. It wasn’t sparked through ...
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Bringing Wik Mungkan to Rockhampton Classrooms

Intergenerational transmission is an internationally recognised measure of a language's strength or endangerment. Many languages ...
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Kieron Saunders

Digitising Dreamtime

A young scholarship student's quest to bring Dreamtime stories to the gaming world. In the ...
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On the fast track to business success

Bold and vivacious, Alyza Yeatman embodies the concept of walking in two worlds. Although her ...
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Verona Platt standing in front of a wall

Verona’s Pursuit of Justice

*clicks refresh* It's mid-afternoon and Verona Platt has been checking her emails since 6am, awaiting ...
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Camp of Champions

A traditional Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony marked the beginning of the annual Cape ...
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