Mayi Market

Alison Liddy

Breaking the Cycle | Alison Liddy

After the school bell rang on the last day of term at Coen Primary School, ...
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Loretta Spratt is Excited for a Mayi Market Christmas

Loretta Spratt has a big family. At Christmas time, she expects that her home in ...
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Keri Tamwoy holding Mayi Market vegie box

Aurukun hungry for fresh affordable food

More than $5 for a kilo of white rice. $7.75 for a kilo of apples ...
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The Mayi Market

EP 10 Food Affordability and Security in Remote Indigenous Communities

"This is the second inquiry into food security by the parliament in eleven years. And ...
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Mayi Market customer Deidre Murray

A Cheaper Feed for the Family

For a family of big eaters, Mayi Market produce has proven to be more affordable ...
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