Pride Of Place

Green Thumbs

Our POP Enabler Jacob Woibo got with the Womens Group and delivered a Garden Club workshop doing...

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Feeding Her Family

When Megan Kerindun signed up for POP she planned to get the whole family involved and it worked...

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Tropical Oasis

James Yusia completed his POP Blitz in 2017 and has created a tropical oasis in Pikkuw St....

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Her Special Place

Georgina Kepple is an artist and has many outdoor projects underway because she enjoys her garden...

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POP in Action

Deanne Greenwool is in the process of completing her POP Blitz. Her Blitz consists of a 4m x 4m...

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A New Entrance

Pride of Place is a backyard renovation project where families make a financial and physical...

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Winning Backyards

Hope Vale O-Hub hosted the Best Garden in the Village competition with over 11 entrants. They had...

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