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The Mayi Market

EP 10 Food Affordability and Security in Remote Indigenous Communities

"This is the second inquiry into food security by the parliament in eleven years. And ...
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Warren Clements performs for Djarragun College's NAIDOC Week celebrations.

EP 09 NAIDOC Week | Heal Country

Welcome to a special NAIDOC Week edition of Time to Listen. NAIDOC Week is a ...
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Full employment is the most immediate need in Indigenous affairs

EP 08 The Most Immediate Need in Indigenous Affairs

On this episode of Time to Listen, we are joined once again by the Cape ...
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Bama Services provides Indigenous employment outcomes

EP07 Indigenous Employment Outcomes

Indigenous youth are twice as unlikely to gain employment relative to their non-Indigenous peers. The ...
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Djarragun College strives to promote culture within its curriculum and operations

E06 Intertwining Culture, Academics and Vocational Potential | Djarragun College

It all begins with effective education. If a true and positive difference is going to ...
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The Cape York Girl Academy can be the last refuge for education for some of its students

E05 The Last Refuge for Education | The Cape York Girl Academy

"The Cape York Girl Academy can perhaps act as a microcosm of how things can ...
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Prue Briggs is the Head of Policy for the Cape York Institute

E04 Turning Ideas into Action for Indigenous Australians | The Cape York Institute

"At Cape York Institute, we are constantly asking 'why'. Why are Indigenous youth incarceration rates ...
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Garma festival: Noel Pearson hits out at 'bureaucratic and political bastardry'

E03 Ideas and Policy in Indigenous Affairs | Noel Pearson

In this episode of Time to Listen, we are joined by Noel Pearson, whose voice ...
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Power must go to the people - Fiona Jose

E02 Leadership | Gender Equality | Organisational Vision

In our conversation we spoke about Fiona's unique journey into executive leadership, and the barriers ...
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Richie Ah Mat: Cape York Indigenous Summit 2015

E01 Welfare | Land | Economic Opportunities

During our conversation, Richie spoke to us about the history of socioeconomic issues in Cape ...
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