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Prue Briggs is the Head of Policy for the Cape York Institute

E04 Turning Ideas into Action for Indigenous Australians | The Cape York Institute

"At Cape York Institute, we are constantly asking 'why'. Why are Indigenous youth incarceration rates ...
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Garma festival: Noel Pearson hits out at 'bureaucratic and political bastardry'

E03 Ideas and Policy in Indigenous Affairs | Noel Pearson

In this episode of Time to Listen, we are joined by Noel Pearson, whose voice ...
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Power must go to the people - Fiona Jose

E02 Leadership | Gender Equality | Organisational Vision

In our conversation we spoke about Fiona's unique journey into executive leadership, and the barriers ...
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Richie Ah Mat: Cape York Indigenous Summit 2015

E01 Welfare | Land | Economic Opportunities

During our conversation, Richie spoke to us about the history of socioeconomic issues in Cape ...
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Time to Listen: Cape York Partnership Podcast

There is a multitude of commentary and debate circulating in Australian politics and media concerning ...
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Our Sisters - Cape York Partnership Team Photo

International Women’s Day | Our Sisters

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the unique qualities and capabilities of ...
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