Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Maryann Kerindun didn’t want to just sit around during her retirement. Now, thanks to MPower and Wise Buys, she is really going places.

Since signing up for both Opportunity products in late 2014, she has managed to save enough money to purchase not one, but two vehicles—and a boat.

“With my retirement fast approaching, I wanted to purchase items and save the rest of my super for further purchasing of items,” said Maryann.

When she approached the O-Hub staff, they put her on the fast track to achieving her transportation dreams.

“Without their help, I wouldn’t have purchased my vehicles and boat,” said Maryann.

She bought a Toyota Landcruiser Wagon and Toyota Hilux Duel Cab in mid-2015. But her latest purchase is no doubt her pride and joy—a Quintrex 430 Top Ender, which she acquired in October.

The motor boat allows her to cruise the local waterways and take her family fishing, whenever she feels the need to get away—and return with a boat-load of barramundi, grunter, trevally, cat fish, shark fish and queen fish.

MPower has also brought Maryann other benefits. “As time went by, I now find paying bills can be a lot easier and quickly done through Internet banking, which I found stress relieving,” she said.

What’s next for Maryann? When she is not cruising the roads or the waterways, she would like to come home to a pleasant outdoor living space.

“I am planning to sign up for POP, as I want to have a nice garden in my yard, when my house has finally finished being renovated,” she said.

There’s no stopping Maryann now—and she hopes younger members of the community will follow her lead.

“So they can be proud to have and own what they have while they are still young,” she said.


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