Cutting with confidence

The Djarragun College Salon has been busy this year, with both teachers and students getting free hair services while Certificate II in Salon Assistant students get the opportunity to put their new knowledge and skills to good use.  

The students have been working diligently to complete their certificate and have been learning the important skills of both being a salon assistant and working in a salon itself. 

Year 10 salon students Jaykitta Davidson and Mylli Canendo-Donovan have been enrolled in the course since the beginning of the year. 

“I wanted to do this course because I really enjoy doing people’s hair and maybe some time when I’m older I could become a hair stylist,” Mylli said. 

“My favourite part of the course is the styling aspect,” Jaykitta said. 

jaykita 1-2

VET Teacher, Leigh Noremberczyk, encourages students to join the course because it allows them to learn many transferable work skills, such as customer service, retail and work ethic. The course also teaches students how to look after their own hair as well as the hair of family and friends. 

“The students learn self-esteem and new skills that they then implement which increases their confidence,” Leigh explained. 

“They also have a skill that some of their family or friends don’t have so that builds their confidence, because they’ve got knowledge in hairdressing. It also builds confidence to meet and talk to people from diverse backgrounds.”  

Djarragun students in Year 10 and up can enrol in the Certificate II in Salon Assistant as well as the many other TAFE certificates the college offers, such as Certificate II and III in Hospitality, Certificate II in Horticulture, Certificate III in Community Services and many more. These certificates help set students up for future jobs in different industries, opening up more opportunities, while also giving them the confidence to chase their dreams. 


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