CYLP-Logo_Main_300x131Cape York Partnership is committed to empowering talented Indigenous leaders of the region to drive and own the Cape York Agenda, by providing them with the necessary leadership skills.

The Cape York Leaders Program supports the development of current and future Cape York leaders. Since its inception in 2005, more than 600 people have grown their academic and leadership skills through the Cape York Leaders Program.

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Community-driven initiatives in economic development, social responsibility, education and home ownership is rebuilding the social and economic fabric of Cape York communities, which has frayed over the last four decades. Productive social norms can only be re-built with community leaders who are champions for change; through education, training, access to mentors, and practical experience.

The Cape York Leaders Program aims to assist its members in building the confidence and skills they require to become positive role models within their communities.

The Cape York Leaders Program has a four-phase strategy that builds skills appropriate to a diversity of leadership roles.

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The mentoring scheme is designed specifically for our graduates who have completed the Excelling Leaders phase.

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Academic Leaders from each of the Cape York communities orbit to secondary boarding schools and tertiary institutions.

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