Four Phases of Leadership

bemore-logoThe Cape York Leaders Program offers four targeted phases that aim to build member’s leadership capabilities at various stages of life and at distinctive capacities.

By reaching their goals, Cape York leaders are creating a legacy of success for Indigenous people within their communities and across the nation.

Indigenous leadership is central to the Cape York Agenda. Productive social norms can only be built with community leaders who are champions for change; through education, training, access to mentors and practical experience. The Cape York Leaders Program aims to assist its members in building the confidence and skills they require to become positive role models within their communities.

Adopting a four phase strategy that builds skills appropriate to the various leadership roles, provides members with the option to either advance their leadership education through a single phase, or progress to other phases.

The four phases of the Cape York Leaders Program are:

The Cape York Leaders Program has a four-phase strategy that builds skills appropriate to a diversity of leadership roles.

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The mentoring scheme is designed specifically for our graduates who have completed the Excelling Leaders phase.

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Academic Leaders from each of the Cape York communities orbit to secondary boarding schools and tertiary institutions.

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