Dean Joins the Bama Team

Dean Joins the Bama Team

Dean recently joined Bama as our HSEQ Advisor, and we’re thrilled to have him back on board after working with us on the Aurukun Subdivision Project we completed in 2017.

“I’m the HSEQ Advisor, so I advise on health, safety, environment and quality –mainly for the civil projects. My Cert IV OH&S, Cert III Civil, Cert III Engineering are my main qualifications that I use for this job.

My background is civil construction for close to six years, and a bit of landscape construction as well. I’ve done shutdowns in the mining industry and have a Cert III as a fitter and turner, so I have a trade background.

I worked at Bama from April through to August last year on the Aurukun Subdivision project that we achieved. That’s probably my biggest feat – achieving the FSC accreditation for that project.

The best thing about working at Bama is the diversity, and my role is what I want to pursue. I like helping the blokes on the ground, helping them understand and achieve the goals that we want them to.

In five years I’ll hopefully see myself still in this role. I want to streamline everything, so I’m working hard to make sure it’s not so complicated and everyone understands it.”


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