A Wise Buyer

Like most of us, Hope Vale’s Delma Darkin found herself short on funds on a regular basis, especially in ‘slack week’.

These days she’s got her money matters under control.

“I didn’t know anything about money and I was struggling to afford things for my children. I had empty pockets and now there is money there for them at all times.

“If they lose their uniform or shoes, I can pop in and buy from their Student Education Trust.

“I buy products from the SET stalls which means the kids can learn at home which has helped as the kids grow.”

Delma is an O-Hub regular and is signed on to MPower, Wise Buys as well as SET.

She says these opportunity products have helped her a lot.

“Wise Buys has also helped me to buy a washing machine and I am saving to buy a box freezer.

“I am very proud of what I have got today—the washing machine and that money is there for what my children need. I don’t need to wait for my next pay.”


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