Djarragun Captains Gwenda Jones and Linda Solomon at Djarragun Principal for the Day

Djarragun Captains Walk in the Shoes of College Principal

When the school bell rang this morning, Djarragun College Captains Linda Solomon and Gwenda Jones walked past their morning maths class and into the office of Principal Damien Gainsford. In celebration of Queensland Women's Week, the two Year 12 leaders spent the morning shadow-managing one of Australia's leading Indigenous Colleges.

Linda and Gwenda developed their leadership skills, knowledge, and experience in joining the school principal. However, learning is a two way street. After showing the Captains the ins and outs of Djarragun College operations, Damien gave the Captains a platform to voice their opinions. He talked to the Captains about changes they'd like to see in the school and why Indigenous representation in school staff is important to them.

Linda and Gwenda show strong leadership capabilities. With their eyes set on the future, both students are beginning to prepare for their post-secondary journeys. Linda plans on joining the Navy after her gap year. Gwenda plans on studying nursing to work as a remote nurse. Linda and Gwenda have shown personal focus and strong community spirit in their short time as Djarragun College Captains. We're excited to see how they use these leadership capabilities in the future.


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