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We recognise that our supporters are unique, just like the communities we serve. That’s why you can choose from the initiatives below and decide where your donation will have the most impact. Or make a GENERAL DONATION knowing it will go to the project most in need.

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Want to see how your donation makes a difference? Read our stories of success about Cape York Leaders Program and Mayi Market

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The youth of Cape York are our future. Yet, the gap in education, employment and health continues to hinder their growth and opportunities. If you believe the next generation deserve the chance to reach their potential, it’s time to empower the youth of Cape York. It’s time to GIVE A FUTURE!

$1,500 would equip a student with the same tech package as their peers. $5,000 would support a tertiary leader for a semester, $10,000 a whole year, $30,000 a whole degree!

The lack of high schools and universities, means that for many Cape York kids, their schooling stops at primary school, limiting their future career aspirations and creating a cycle of disadvantage. For the last 20+ years, Cape York Leaders Program has been empowering the next generation of leaders with secondary and tertiary scholarships to the best boarding schools in Queensland and universities throughout Australia.

With many promising students heading into high school each year, there is more to be done. 


Remote Cape York communities are paying up to triple the price for food when compared to regional communities, like Cairns. So if you believe the people of the Cape shouldn’t have to pay $12 for a limp piece of broccoli  – it’s time to empower the people of Cape York with Mayi Market. It’s time to… GIVE A TRUCK!

$50 would buy a large fruit and veg box for a family. $250 would fill their pantry. $1,200 would cover the fuel for one round trip. $5,000+ would go straight towards a reliable new truck! 

It’s clear the lack of food security and the exorbitant cost of quality fresh produce is contributing to the high rate of chronic disease in our communities.

Since 2020, we’ve been fighting back! Our very own Mayi Market truck delivers fresh food and fair prices to Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale, Laura, Wujal Wujal and Mossman Gorge each fortnight. But the 2,200km round trip is tough going on unsealed roads and Lady Isabella (our truck) is on her last miles. We urgently need your help.

General donation

If you can't decide between the projects shown here, you can choose to make a general donation in the knowledge that it will go towards the project most in need of your support at the time. 

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