Getting Wise With Money

“I know where my money is going.”

Donita Woibo wanted to buy all three of her children a brand new bed, but was worried about how she could afford it.

She said she felt relieved to find out about NILS, the No Interest Loan Scheme.

“I saw a poster outside of the O-Hub that promoted Wise Buys, so I came in and talked with one of the staff who told me about Wise Buys and NILS.

“It was an easy and convenient way to purchase three new beds for my kids as quickly as possible and I would not need to worry about delivery.”

Donita said she is proud of getting the beds and having her house furnished with brand new furniture. “I plan to finish paying my NILS and then get more new furniture for my house.”

Donita also said she would like to return to the O-Hub office to do up a new budget.

“This will help me with my money management so that I know where my money is going.”


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