E20 Cape York Hydrogen | The Project Bringing Green Hydrogen to Cape York’s Indigenous Communities for a Greener Future

With no connection to the national grid, many remote communities of Cape York currently rely on diesel generators to power their lives. But what if there was a greener solution?  One that was not only better for the environment, but brought long-lasting economic benefits to the community.

Cape York Hydrogen plans to find out.

In this episode of Time to Listen, we talk to Cape York Hydrogen Project Lead David Thompson and HDF Energy Project Manager and Engineer Bryan Dumail about their plans to work with communities at Northern Peninsula Area and Torres Strait to develop green hydrogen energy solutions and remove their reliance on diesel generation.

These hybrid energy solutions will combine solar farms with an energy storage system based on hydrogen to create renewable energy. They will also create training and job opportunities for locals and build the community's energy independence. Power to the people by the people.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.


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