Education The Top Priority

Laurelle Poonkamelya is the mother of five children. While four have now finished school each child has had a Student Education Trust to help support their educational needs.

Her youngest son, George Ngallametta is still in school and using his SET account.

“SET has been very useful. It helps to save money for all of my kids…when at boarding school they need things like a computer, bedding, uniforms, stationery and linen which SET helped me to buy.”

George starts high school next year which could bring on some larger expenses.

“SET means when he goes to boarding school and needs a laptop, I can say, yes. I can get you one because of SET.”

Laurelle said she also encourages others to sign up to SET. “I tell them they can get something for their kids so they can learn.”

In the future, Laurelle is looking to sign up for Pride of Place. “I like doing gardens and cleaning the yard so I will be saving for Pride of Place.”


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