Esther Tells her Story through Art

Esther Tells her Story through Art

In Term 4, all students completed a piece of artwork and an artist statement describing their finished work.

In response to my time sitting around the creek during yarning times; listening, watching and contemplating, I have created this painting called An Upward View.
The creek travels down from the mountains. The blue hue represents the water and the swirling pattern within the movement of the water, as it makes its way between the rocks and life in the creek.
The rich brown hue represents the Earth. It’s not flat, but the beauty on it stands out more to me. I have attempted to symbolise the beauty of nature using simple patterns. I have called my painting, An Upward View because I am always looking upwards when at the yarning circle and in life too! At the top of my painting is where I want to go….. a life of beauty and happiness depicted by the yellows, pinks and purples of a sun setting sky.

Title: An Upward View
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Artist: Esther Brim


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