Everything For Boarding School

Everything For Boarding School

Jeniece Pratt and her husband started SET accounts for their daughters several years ago and haven’t looked back.

“I had been seeing kids on SET purchasing things from the book fair and it was always difficult to get money. I got talking to CYP staff and we spoke about the benefits of SET, so I signed up my four daughters with the help of my husband.

“We signed up about four years ago to help me with extra costs, especially for boarding school.

“Because of SET I’m able to afford the costs of boarding and having funds available to purchase whatever my child needs while at boarding school.

“My eldest daughter is in her first year at boarding school. She was able to go to school with everything she needed, so she didn’t feel out of place. She was able to choose her own bedding, towels, and linen.

“It made me feel proud to be able to send my kid off to boarding school with everything she needed and wanted.”

Jeniece said she wants to increase her contributions for her second daughter’s trust so she can get her daughter everything she needs including laptops.   

“I was stressing out about how to get everything for my daughter when I took her to school at the beginning of the year. The O-Hub helped me by helping Keishia choose her own back to school pack, ordering it all online and paying for it straight away. Keishia was so happy and excited to be going to school with everything she needed.”

Jeneice said that Keishia was so excited about her room, that she took a photo of her room and put it on Facebook when she was all set-up. “This speaks volumes for how excited Keishia was,” her Mum added.


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