Exploring the World of Work

Exploring the World of Work

This year, Katherine started a Cert II in Animal Studies through Central Queensland University. Part of the course requires work place experience one day per week in order to complete the industry hours. The Careers Advisor at the Cathedral School was able to organise this with the Townsville Vet Clinic and Katherine enjoyed every moment of it.

Through this experience, Katherine has the opportunity to explore the world of work, identify career options, and plan training and tertiary education options with more clarity.

Katherine said the Veterinarian workplace environment is fun and she gets to be around animals all day. This journey has come from a childhood dream for Katherine who always carried with her a deep appreciation for nature and love of caring for animals.

Being in her final year at Cathedral, Katherine’s aim is to get the majority of the Certificate complete so she is employable as a Veterinary Nurse after school.

“CYLP definitely helps, like with coming to a school like Cathedral, giving me the opportunity that connected me to the Vet Clinic and the course I’m doing. I know I would’ve done something back home but not as much as being on the scholarship and being able to achieve what I have so far.”


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