Fascinated by plants and flowers

Fascinated by plants and flowers

Deanne Greenwool has been actively involved in a wide range of CYP Opportunity Products over the past two years including MPower and Student Education Trust.

With a keen interest in gardening, Deanne decided to attend the Coen Garden Club, a free monthly workshop conducted through Pride of Place.

‘I have always been fascinated by plants and flowers’, she said. ‘My partner likes gardening and he grows many plants from cuttings. I wanted to know how to do it too.’

Through Garden Club workshops, Deanne has learnt new gardening skills and fuelled her desire for a beautiful yard.

Deanne and her partner now spend hours in the garden together and plan to keep it that way.

‘Now the yard looks really tidy and people are asking where we get the cuttings’, said Deanne. ‘We can’t wait for the dry season so we can really get stuck into the garden. We are working on a vegetable garden at the moment and want to make pot stands for the verandah.’

Deanne signed up to MPower in 2011 and has been using the iBank unassisted ever since.

She regularly visits the Coen Opportunity Hub to check her balance, make transfers and payments, and liaise with Centrelink. Having completed Payment Support and Budget Support—two of the four Money Management Tool training sessions available—Deanne is effectively managing her finances.

As a donor to her son’s Student Education Trust, Deanne has been contributing since 2011 and recently purchased a boarding school pack and lap top for Simon to use at boarding school.


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