Finances in Control

Finances in Control

Fred Kerindun had received a stack of letters from his bank about a large unpaid debt.

Fred worked with one of our MPower Consultants to do a budget and setup direct deductions from his pay towards his debt.

A simple budget identified that Fred could make weekly payments towards his debt, pay his general weekly expenses and even save a bit from each pay to go towards things he needs.

‘I came in [to the Aurukun Opportunity Hub] because I wanted to pay my bills’, said Fred. ‘Now I feel a lot better. I’m less stressed and I’m paying my bills!’

With his finances under control Fred is busy planning for his future.

‘Now I can save up and visit my daughters in Groote Island and put money aside to buy things for when I move into my new house later this year. I want to use Wise Buys for this and also sign up for POP [Pride of Place]’, he said.


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