Fiona Jose to head up Cape York Partnership

Fiona Jose to head up Cape York Partnership

Prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman Fiona Jose has been appointed the new chief executive of Cape York Partnership.

Ms Jose will take over from current chief executive Duncan Murray at the end of the year.

She has a long career in senior management roles including at Education Queensland, Skill360 Australia and Skytrans. She joined Cape York Partnership in 2010 and has held various roles.

Cape York Partnership, founded by Noel Pearson, encompasses Cape York Institute, Cape York Leaders Program, Cape York Employment, Cape York Enterprises, Pama Language Centre, Cape York Timber, Bama Services, Djarragun College and Cape York Girl Academy.

There are more than 300 employees across its various arms, 47 percent of whom are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

In a statement, Cape York said it had been the long-expressed intention of the board that the partnership would be led by an Indigenous person. The appointment of Ms Jose to lead the group was the culmination of that aim.


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