Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

This term the students have focused on Ethics and how to be a good decision maker.

They looked at heroes and role models and worked out the values they want their role model to have. Many chose a parent or grandparent and shared why this person is special to them.

On 16th March, along with 8,000 other schools, the Academy participated in the “National Day of Action” against bullying.

This is Tamiley Genai’s account of the day’s activities:

“The Bullying No Way Campaign” was celebrated at school by working out what bullying means

made a banner, decorated it and hung it in the boarding house.

We had orange iced cupcakes for morning tea and in the afternoon the junior girls had a yarning circle with Miss Nicole.

The girls shared their personal experiences of being bullied and talked about how they had responded.

One student stood up to the bully themselves – taking away their power, another told a teacher to get them to intervene and another got her older cousin to help shut down the bully.

Later the group went outside and blew bubbles sending messages of love and hope to those, like Dolly Everet, who hadn’t been able to get help.

It was really a very special day.


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