Angus outside with the crew

For the love of Country

How Angus Kerindun’s love for his community to gathering a strong following.

Angus Kerindun loves his community of Aurukun, when he sees a lawn that needs mowing or some hard rubbish littering its streets, he can't help but jump into action.  Luckily enough, keeping his community looking its best is Angus’s job.

In 2023, Angus started work with Cape York Employment (CYE) through its Community Projects initiative as a Yard Crew Member, maintaining the community neighbourhood’s greenspaces and yards. Within months, CYE saw the potential of Angus as a leader, and he was promoted to the role of Job Support Supervisor. This role sees Angus responsible for a team of eight Yard Crew members, becoming their supervisor, mentor and role model.

Angus puts value in the uniform he wears each day and expects his team to do the same. He says it’s about showing respect for the organisation and themselves.

“I want my team to show pride in their job and their community,” Angus said. “Whether it’s transporting families with their groceries or helping clean up the neighbourhood by removing unwanted furniture left on the streets.”

At 50 years of age, Angus comes from a generation that values hard work and commitment. Rain or shine (it doesn’t hail in Aurukun), Angus always shows up, tirelessly working despite the long hours and often extreme heat. These values are something he tries to instil in his team.

“There is always work that needs to be done, always opportunities to contribute back to our community.” Angus said.

For Angus, his passion for his community doesn’t end when he clocks off for the day. When a local family was mourning the loss of a loved one, Angus noticed tall grass around the local church the afternoon before the funeral. After finishing his shift, Angus went to the church and mowed the lawns to show his respect for the family and his community.

“If you do something positive for the community, you will receive respect from the community in return,” Angus said.

Angus with his crew

As a leader, Angus puts a strong emphasis on building a safe work environment where his team can yarn about any issues they have inside or outside the workplace. For many their role as part of Community Projects is their first full time job.

Community Projects, which is funded by the National Indigenous Australian Agency, provides real jobs, proper wages and decent conditions. With unexpectedly high unemployment and a lack of market jobs, many Aurukun residents find themselves in the grips of passive welfare, which can strip them of their self-worth. The 54 jobs already created by Community Projects are examples of participants taking up the opportunity to step into the workforce and develop skills in line with their passions. These newly created jobs not only benefit the community, they prepare the participants to take up suitable market jobs in the area. This approach was led by the community as well as input from Australia’s leading Indigenous think tank – Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership.

Angus’s own leadership has not gone unnoticed by the team at CYE. Shea Selsby, Jobseeker Engagement Coordinator, says he is a real asset.

“Ever since Angus stepped up in the role, the crew have become more punctual and consistent with their attendance,” Shea said. “That’s because of his leadership.”

Angus is leading by example with his actions speaking louder than words. It seems his love for community and commitment to his job is catching on.


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