Cape York Partnership is the engine room for a collective of entities that work to deliver on the reforming Cape York Agenda, a blueprint for transforming the lives of Cape York Indigenous people.

Each entity pursues different aspects of the radical reform agenda, functioning as cogs in our engine of development, working on innovative co-design, research, enterprise-building and on-the-ground reform.

Cape York Partnership’s vision involves a paradigm shift in the approach to welfare and Indigenous policy. Central to success is  the move by governments to devolve responsibility to Indigenous people. Governments must step back if individual, family and community responsibility is to flourish.

  • Our vision is for our people to have a life they have reason to value. We will have the freedom to make informed choices that enable us to pursue opportunities to work hard in real jobs in order to support happy, healthy families, and homes filled with love and pride. All families will be supported to ensure they have the capability to take responsibility for the household finances, health and their children’s education.
  • Our vision is for a Cape York that honours its Indigenous cultures and languages. All the people of Cape York, including all its language groups, clans and communities should enjoy the privilege of being a first world Indigenous people, with a culture that has a strong inherited and ongoing connection to ancestral lands and language and with the freedom to orbit into the wider world and return to home base again.
  • Our vision is for Cape York people to realise their right to a real economy – one in which Indigenous people contribute to, and benefit from, growth and development. Indigenous land owners will drive the development of business and industry in a way that respects the environment, but that sees the major economic value of Indigenous land on Cape York unlocked.

Our game changers are:


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