Bama Services is a leading Indigenous building and landscape business successfully delivering projects across far north Queensland.

Building Great Projects and Great People

Bama Services was established in 2010 and attributes its success to repeat clientele comprising Federal, State and Local Government agencies as well as private and not-for-profit organisations. Our high service culture is the key to our success. We ensure our projects are delivered on time, on budget and without fuss.

It is our people that clearly differentiate Bama Services from our competitors. Our workforce comprises highly motivated and fit young Indigenous men from Cape York, who have completed their qualifications in their field, or are currently ‘in training’. Most team members reside permanently in Cairns and others orbit to Cairns to gain experience and qualifications, before returning to their home communities.

Partner with us

Tick-boxWe offer genuine compliance with Queensland Government Indigenous Employment Policy. Our 75% Indigenous staffing provides a strategic advantage for contractors who partner with us.

Our logo

Our logo was developed in consultation with Bama Services Indigenous employees, who were involved in a visualisation and values survey, ahead of an all-team workshop. The crew members developed the logo based on the grass tree – a plant found all over Cape York – they said, “we are all from Cape York – it’s tough and resilient like us!” Therefore the grass tree plant symbolises the people of Bama Services – from across Cape York, strong, resilient, enduring and flourishes during hardship. The Bama Services team said the grass tree has many cultural uses.  They asked for the hand of support to be placed under the grass tree, as they felt that Bama Services had provided them with the support they need to keep their lives on track.

Social responsibility

The commercial activities undertaken by Bama Services enable the business to fund and progress its social responsibilities agenda, which ultimately means sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous men and women in a holistically supportive environment.

Our capacity includes landscaping, maintenance, construction and specialised projects; and we have the qualifications to support this.

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Our projects and clients include construction and building maintenance, and landscape construction and maintenance.

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At Bama Services the health and wellbeing of our team members, and their families, is of paramount importance.

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