Cape York Employment is the Remote Jobs Communities Program (RJCP) provider for Aurukun and Coen. Our operations began in September 2013, and our guiding light is the Cape York Agenda.


Cape York Employment has supported 112 Jobseekers into employment in Aurukun and Coen

Our challenge is to move people from welfare dependence to an economically viable future. We do this by identifying job opportunities, building work capabilities and social norms that support a strong work ethic, and engaging potential employers.

Our results include:

  • 112 Jobseekers have gained employment
  • 51 Jobseekers have commenced accredited and non-accredited training
  • 97 Jobseekers will commence a Certificate II in the next month

As the region is underdeveloped, the number of job seekers in Aurukun and Coen far outstrips the number of jobs available locally.

Wherever possible, job seekers in Aurukun and Coen are assisted to plan to get one of the limited number of the local jobs available, get on a realistic training pathway to a local or regional job, or consider taking up work opportunities elsewhere.

Cape York Employment initiatives include:

Community planning

  • Community Action Plan
  • Workforce Development Strategy
  • Employer engagement

Individual job planning

  • Local jobs
  • Orbit opportunities

Build work capabilities and work ethics

  • Life skilling
  • Pre-employment
  • Skills, training and accreditation
  • Youth Corp, 16-24 years