Cape York Institute takes the lead in the development of innovative policy reform to transition Indigenous people from passive welfare dependency to engagement with the real economy, and to restore Indigenous responsibility.

CYIDiagram Our foundation stone is the Cape York Agenda, a set of goals and aspirations for the people of Cape York so they can choose lives they have reason to value.

Cape York Institute focuses on policy, research and advocacy. We work to shift ‘business as usual’ approaches to Indigenous affairs. The Institute leads and participates in national debates, while still keeping solutions to local Cape York issues its core business.

Cape York Institute’s principal focus is in three areas:

How we work

We partner with Indigenous people, governments, universities and the private sector to develop and deliver more effective ways forward. We take the best of the lessons provided from:

  1. The Indigenous people of Cape York
    Our work is inspired and informed by the thinking of old people and past Cape York leaders. We continue to work closely with Cape York leaders today. The need to empower Indigenous people so that they can truly be the architects of their own futures lies at the heart of all our work.
  2. Academia and research
    We look internationally and nationally at successful approaches to development, and adapt and apply the lessons learnt for the Cape York context.
  3. On-the-ground practical implementation of reforms
    Including through our close work with the O-Hubs, Cape York Employment, the Cape York Leaders Program, the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy and the Family Responsibilities Commission. We recognise that success in this area depends on innovation and learning from real world experience.

Cape York Welfare Reform aims to end passive welfare, restore communal and family harmony, and create more vibrant and prosperous communities.

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Cape York Institute undertakes short-to-medium-term policy and research projects across a wide range of economic and social policy areas.

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Cape York Institute’s flagship leadership program is the Cape York Leaders Program which seeks to create, grow and nurture natural leadership qualities in its members.

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