Our mission is to grow effective and confident mothers, happy and confident children, and provide young Indigenous women with opportunities for growth and success in every aspect of their lives.




What is the Cape York Girl Academy?

Every girl has the right to a good education. With education, girls can change their world and the world around them. The Cape York Girl Academy ensures every Indigenous girl can complete their education.

It is Australia’s first boarding school designed for young mothers and their babies. Mothers and their babies live together, and learn together, supported by caring staff and surrounded by friends and visiting family.

The Cape York Girl Academy students will graduate with an education and the confidence to be the best they can be as individuals, as valued members of their community and as future leaders.

Our story

Indigenous women of Cape York are changemakers in our communities. Our Aunties, grandmothers and mothers have been concerned for years about too many girls not completing their education and in turn, limiting their life choices.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for our girls dropping out of school. Through yarning circles and community consultations, Cape York women asked for a place for girls to finish their schooling, to gain work skills and qualifications, and to grow themselves and their children as our future Indigenous leaders.

The Cape York Girl Academy is an Indigenous learning space based on family. Girls can work toward their goals, build healthy and happy families, and achieve educational, economic and community success.

Cape York Partnership built the Cape York Girl Academy idea alongside Cape York women. The direction of our Academy was, and always will be, guided by the direction of Aboriginal women, including our students. This way we can ensure the cultural, spiritual, educational and physical needs of our young women are met.

Our babies

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial to healthy development. Like sponges, the experiences children have in these years are drawn in rapidly, helping to shape the adults they will grow to become. More than anything else, the relationships children have with their mums and caregivers affect how they learn and grow. That’s why the Cape York Girl Academy is a boarding school for young mothers and their babies, built on family. You learn together and grow together.

A comprehensive health and well-being program for mum and bub includes all aspects of health — culture, physical, emotional, spiritual, social. The Cape York Girl Academy education builds on a family model, which at its heart is focused on healthy culture, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit and most of all, healthy relationships.


Girls undertake an individual learning program based on their age and academic level.

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On weekends the focus is on fun & relaxation: swimming, art, sport, cultural activities and music clubs.

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The school is located at Wangetti Beach, halfway between Cairns and Port Douglas.

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