Growing Confidence and Giving Back

Growing Confidence and Giving Back

Lenore Casey graduated from the Excelling Leaders Phase of the Program in 2015 and, since then, has continued to give back to the community through her work at the Cape York Partnership O-Hubs.

Although she was originally from Hope Vale, Lenore lived in Normanton for most of her adult life before moving back to Hope Vale in the last few years. At that point, she decided to join the Leaders Program.

“…the reason I applied was because I needed to reconnect with what was happening back home on the Cape and with my family, and also just to make those connections. I had a cousin who was doing it and she encouraged me to apply… and yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“The parts of the Program that were most challenging for me was I guess building those networks again. Since applying to do the course… well, I applied when I was based in Hope Vale with Cape York Partnership, then from there I went to be based in Aurukun for a few months, and then from Aurukun to Coen… and I’m really enjoying going back into community and really working with the families in community as well.”

Lenore says the Program has helped her in a number of ways.

“The Program has helped me by giving me my confidence back. I worked in management for years, but like I was saying, I was on another country, I didn’t work in management [at home] before I left—I was just young—so it helped me step up in my family.”

Lenore is now the Leader of the Cape York Partnership O-Hub in Coen and is going from strength to strength.

“I guess my future goals are just to be able to do my work satisfactorily. I’m a perfectionist and I like to make sure that everything is in order, so this has helped me a lot to put everything together, to where I want to be.”


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