Growing Healthy Food

Growing Healthy Food

It only took one Pop-up Visit to spark Bryan Toby’s interest in gardening.

Following their launch in March, it was during a Pop-up Visit that our POP Enabler talked to Bryan about small improvements he could make to his backyard and handed out free seeds to get him started.

“It’s given me the chance to do something different with my time. Now I plan to put a garden patch at the back of my house and start growing my own vegetables. It’ll be great to have fresh vegetables and save money.”

Bryan has also worked with money management for many years—first with Financial Income Management and now with MPower.

In learning how to manage his money, Bryan has also been able to purchase a range of household items through Wise Buys (including a fridge and dryer) and pay for trips to the doctor in Cairns and for medication.

One of the goals of Pride of Place is for families to build skills and better utilise their garden  for healthy food production, resulting in improvements to wellbeing.

Bryan is currently undergoing dialysis treatment in Cairns. By spending more time gardening and eating his own fresh vegetables, Bryan is taking small, positive steps to improving his health all round.


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