Growing Opportunities

Growing Opportunities

Working with POP has been child’s play for Heather Woolla.

Since she joined the program in July this year, the mother of five has transformed her empty backyard into an inviting playground for her children and a welcoming space where the family can spend time together.

Jari, 13, Mareja, nine, Olivia, seven, Irene, six and Anacleta, four, now relish demonstrating their skills on the climbing wall, slide and swings.

“The kids are enjoying themselves with the playground,” observed Heather.

Prior to joining POP, she was overwhelmed by the prospect of turning her backyard into a family-friendly outdoor space.

“I had a big yard. With not much in it,” said Heather. “It is very hard to get plants up here. This is why I signed up (for POP).”

The yard transformation has required a fair bit of spade work, including a “big clean up” and the laying down of new soil, in preparation for the anticipated arrival of new plants.

In the meantime, “the yard looks much better” and Heather is confident about “keeping my children happy”.

She has learned a lot about gardening—and also DIY garden furniture construction.

“When the children and I helped… to put the furniture together, we learnt a lot and enjoyed it,” said Heather.

POP has sown the seeds for participation in other programs offered by the O-Hub.

“I am looking to join up with Wise Buys and Home Pride now that I have done Pride of Place for the children,” she said. Heather is also a member of SET and MPower.


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