Happy Kids

Cindy Thompson is actively engaged in a wide range of Cape York Partnership Opportunity Products; including It takes a village to raise a child, Pride of Place, Student Education Trusts and Wise Buys.

MPower has taught Cindy how to manage her spending so she has money for the things she needs.

‘MPower gave me lots of tips on budgeting and I saved to buy a washing machine and dryer. Wise Buys has saved me money. I don’t mind waiting a few weeks for things to arrive. When the truck came into town with my washer and dryer, I was so happy!’

Cindy also saved her $1000 Pride of Place contribution and her backyard blitz was a great success. ‘I think my garden is really good. I have a barbeque and there’s lots of fruit from the mango, mandarin and avocado trees. I want to purchase more things for my garden and build a veggie patch in the front yard.’

POP Project Works Supervisor, Rance Stafford, thinks Cindy’s achievements are impressive.

‘Throughout her POP project, Cindy has skilfully maintained her garden. Hers is one of the outstanding gardens in Coen.’ Cindy is planning to host a Positive Parenting session as part of her POP celebration so other parents can see the benefits of POP.

Cindy signed up to It takes a village to raise a child to improve her skills in caring for her four grandchildren.

‘I really enjoy going to parenting because I can share my story and learn tips from others. Parenting has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt how to look after the kids better and make sure they grow up well. They go to school happily now and I make lunch for them every day.’


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