Have a Grow

Have a Grow

When Colin Peemuggina and his mother, Delma, combined their green thumbs, the results received a big “thumbs up” from the judges of the Best Garden in The Village competition. It was a pretty impressive outcome for the dynamic duo, who had no garden on their property prior to Delma joining POP in May, 2014.

Twenty-eight-year-old Colin got stuck in straight away.

“The POP enabler showed me how to do gardens and I learnt from him,” said Colin. Within the space of a year, their efforts were bearing fruit and they decided to compete in the 2015 Best Garden in The Village competition.

“Because our place is looking really good,” said Colin proudly. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have to put in some extra spadework, before the competition judging. There were still lawns to be mowed, gardens to be weeded, and rubbish to be cleared.

“We stayed at home for a couple of weeks to make the place nice,” said Colin.

Winning the BGITV competition was a surprise, but Colin doesn’t plan to rest on his laurels now, even though soaring summer temperatures can cause even the most dedicated gardener to wilt. “Looking after gardens and mowing grass all the time—it’s hot at this time of year,” he agreed.

Colin is determined to “grow the distance”. “I have learned to take pride in my place, not let it get out of control and keep on top of the maintenance,” he said.

Besides, he needs to start planning for the 2016 Best Garden in The Village competition.


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