Healthy Habits

Home Economics is studied by junior students in years 7, 8 and 9.

The unit of study this term is Food & Nutrition.

Topics in this unit include: ‘What being healthy means’, ‘Healthy Habits’, ‘Healthy Food Plate’, ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Food Labeling’, ‘Hydration and the Importance of Water’.

The subject is taught through one theory lesson and two cooking lessons.

Practical lessons in the last two lessons on Thursdays are always popular because the students cook and share the products with all the students for afternoon tea. Students have prepared for weekly practical assessment: lemonade scones, jam drops, mini English muffin pizzas, vanilla cupcakes, banana cakes and real pizzas.

Home Economics is a fun subject.

In our theory lessons on Tuesdays, we learn things about health and nutrition. In our double lessons on Thursdays we do cooking. In the theory lessons, we learn about food and nutrition. We are also learning to read the nutritional information on food labels that are found on packaged foods. We learned to see on the labels, how much sugar, fat and carbohydrates are put in foods.

Brandy Dhamarrandji, Year 8

Fun because we get to eat and share

In Home Economics, the juniors prepare and produce afternoon tea on Thursdays.

Before our cooking lessons, we complete a work plan to help us in our preparations before we start to cook.

Ms Di, our Home Economics teacher picks the recipes for us and they are easy to follow.

We have made lemonade scones, mini muffin pizzas, vanilla cupcakes and banana cakes.

Home Economics is fun because we get to eat and share what we cook with all the students and some staff.

Alex Plunkett, Year 8


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