Helping Our Family

“We are both growing and learning.”

Sherona and Travis Bally Olbar are getting their life in order.

Since taking over the responsibility for a house and paying rent, they say they have become more self-reliant.

“Our skills in parenting are better and it has helped dealing with daily life challenges at home.

The Parenting Consultant says the couple are dedicated to the Strong Families program and attend all sessions.

Sherona has joined the women’s group which meets at the Wellbeing Centre.

“We both are growing, and are learning to build a safe and happy home that allows family members to stay with us,” Travis said.

Sherona and Travis still have a few parenting sessions to go, and are enjoying being parents and learning new skills through the program.

“We are learning new things and it is helping our family.”

Sherona and Travis say the ITAV Parenting sessions have made life easier.


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