Her Special Place

Her Special Place

Georgina Kepple is an artist and has many outdoor projects underway because she enjoys her garden and being creative.

Georgina’s Backyard Blitz was completed in December 2017.

The hardest part of sweat equity was the planting, but she soon got the hang of it.

The thing she loves the most about her garden is that it is her special place for peace and relaxation, it is all she needs when she has a hard day or needs to get away from community problems.

It was hard for Georgina to choose her favourite part of the garden, she settled on the Ti Tree out the back as it is her favourite tree on country and she looks forward to watching her grow tall. What’s next for Georgina’s Garden?

She tells us she has some orchids she wants to experiment with and has an abundant collection of hanging pots strung in her gazebo that she has plans for.

Well-done Georgina, keep encouraging the four big boys of yours to lend a hand your a great role model.


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